Cookie Cutter Children

We’re all just floating through life in our own self-centered world. We take a vague interest in the lives around but we don’t really care about them. We just want to ramble about our lives to others to feed our own ego’s. But, No one truly cares about your own passions or interests. No one care’s about conversing with you or the beauty of life. They just see their phone screens. If they do talk to you and ask questions about your life you can see the more questions they ask the more they don’t truly care. They don’t see life in it’s perfection. How it’s a perfectly intricate design full of beauty and uniqueness. Each life is a gift filled with passions and desires linked to their own unique DNA. Every look, Every facial feature, Every Gesture is a specific, unique movement to that one person. There has never been one of them in the past and there will never be one of them in the future. They, In this moment are as young as they will be and as old as they can possibly be. They were built in splendor. But what do they do with it? Sit in front of a screen and judge their remarkableness by twitter followers and their beauty by the amount of likes their selfie’s get. They are, unbeknownst to them, Ruining the beauty of life. They all do the same thing. They are no longer unique. Each human looks and acts just like the next. Like they were dough that was rolled out and cut into shape by the same cookie cutter. They follow the trends and jump on the protest wagons when all their friends do. No one wants to be different, in the true sense of the word. No one wants to truly step out of their bubble’s and see the beauty of the lives around them. They have lost their compassion and humanity. They are happy and complacent in their screened in world’s. They are happy to be cookie cutter children. They no longer know any different. Neither will their children or grandchildren. Some day we may all be cookie cutter children’s. I refuse to be a cookie cutter child. 


                                                                                      A frustrated and sleep exhausted human                                                                                    

One thought on “Cookie Cutter Children”

  1. Wow. You actually captured my very own thoughts right now. It is true that our individuality is slowly blurring due to social media and we are wasting so much potential. Great writing, by the way.

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