Day 1. New Month, New Goals

June has arrived ,which means it’s time to write down a few goals I would like to achieve this month. I usually don’t ever do this type of thing but I think this would be a great start to accomplish some things I ever thought about learning.

One: Learning to write in cursive / Be better at it ; Now I pretty much wrote my list of goals earlier but did it all in cursive writing. It was a little bit challenging but honestly if I keep this up this month I will definitely get the hang of it. I will be like those women who finally have cute cursive handwriting. (I envied them so much. My current handwriting is horrible)

Two: Making healthy decisions ; Lately my husband and I have been eating out way too much. We both would love to learn how to cook the healthy meals and what type of foods are good for the body, but never got around to really doing it. Ah, actually a few months ago we tried the salmon diet. You just eat salmon for dinner with a side of brown rice for 2 weeks. Well I don’t know what happened but I felt super bloated, had no energy, and overall I was just really dreading that salmon and rice and broccoli. My guess is that I was just sick and tired of the whole repetitive eating. So we quit that and went back to A&W, Tim Hortons, and Ramen Noodles. Ha-ha.

Three: Being active with the Hubby ; So I want my husband and I to try new things this month. I want us to be more active and do things together. Like going for a run, a long walk with Eve (our dachshund), playing tennis, signing up to play soccer. Just, things like that. Beats playing video games all the time. I also want to do something creative with him, like painting something together. I think that will be really cute to just see something and think “Hey, remember when we did that?”

Four: Reading a book aloud ; This is a personal goal. So just to catch you up, I’m not very social and when I do try having a conversation with someone, I don’t sound very bright to be honest. I say words wrong, I stutter here and there or I don’t really know how to finish a sentence. I feel like reading a book aloud will help me with my words and sentences.

Well, those are my goals for this month. What are yours? I would love to read what you would like to accomplish.


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