Day 461 – Day full of activities

Wednesday, May 31st 2017

Today I decided to go to school.

I arrived to art class and discovered I had a substitute. Instead of working on the mural, I decided to stick around in class to catch up on what I have to do for my exam. Apparently I have to find an art movement in a time period that would fit the idea I had in the first place, which was of a slightly rusty robot holding a baby bunny in the palm of its hands. I decided to pick the movement called rococo, which is a time period where the themes were usually about playfulness, nature and love, and the techniques were of a lot of curves or serpentine lines. I thought this worked well with my idea, I’d just make sure I get some obvious curves in there and my theme is already love. I also discovered for the artist that I picked, I need to use a technique that he used for my painting, and his is smudging his oil paint which made people associate his paintings with oil sketches until they were recognised as actual finalized oil paintings. I could totally make that work somehow. I love pieces of work that look like sketches, but are actually the final versions.

After that I carried on to English class, where I recieved The Crucible to read, then we went off to a concert located in the gym. I found my group of friends thanks to another friend volunteering, then we just talked, one of them left, another joined, then one left and the other left, until it was only me and Kohai. Eventually one came back and we went on to do some activities, since it was the once a year, near end of school activity day. There was an obstacle course bouncy castle and I only spectated when Kohai and my close friend went, since I was still sick. Theres also other things, such the throw the ball on the target to dunk someone and a teacher usually goes in it, but I didn’t know any, nor were they teachers that would be interesting to dunk.

We went in line to get our free hot dog, but of course the 7th-8th graders, also known as “the children”, don’t know their manners and skipped ahead. We decided it wasn’t worth it, so we went to the cafeteria. I tried getting their delicious cheese pie (basically bread with melted cheese and garlic), but they ran out, so I got a freezie for Kohai even if she insisted on me not buying her anything. All of them weren’t freezing enough, so she basically got juice, then after a while of hanging out with her and a close friend, I discovered I didn’t get the right amount of change. I went back and discussed it with the cashier. He told me to wait for the woman, whom I bought it from, and then I told her my problem. They discussed in Spanish, paused, then gave me my change. I then blanked for some reason, and the guy said “Well, 5+4 does = 9” (since I gave $20 for a $1 freezie and got $14 back in the first place), and so I shook my head, said “Yeah, yeah, sorry” then thanked them a few times before leaving. For some stupid reason, I let that moment bother me for the remainder of my time at school, as well as how they seemed like they didn’t believe me and how I thought I looked so suspicious as if I was a thief. Anyway, while I was thinking about that, I did go to the technology class, talked with the teacher about comic con and how he was actually there, and the R2D2 that I saw was actually his, but I just didn’t see him, then went to my last class for my attendance (but we didn’t have to stay, just to make sure we weren’t skipping). We found my close friend in the hallway and we talked for a while, then Kohai went to walk with her friend while my close friend and I went back to the technology class, passing a rodeo machine where you have to try to hang on. I thought it was a great idea and made me look back on how they’re doing a slightly better job than previous years on this day.

In the class, I worked on my essay while my friend was looking at news, and she saw the covfefe Donald Trump tweet. 

At home I watched YouTube videos and one was about strange deaths with Shane Dawson (I mostly watch his conspiracy videos and such, haha). He then talked about how life can end so quickly at any moment, to live life to the fullest and to “not let dumb shit stress us”, which I immediately thought about the change situation and realised : “Why am I even worrying about something like that anyway when I could be worrying about more important things? Besides, I got my money back and I won’t be buying anything there anytime soon, so I’m not gonna go back there until next year anyway.” I usually always tell myself these, but they only truly work when someone else says it when I least expect it.

We went out for dessert as a family and got some ice cream. I got a brownie with vanilla icecream and chocolate on top. Then my brother asked me on our way home if I wanted to play Rocket League with him. For the first time in forever, we played a game together, at the same time. Usually on occasion, we would take turns on a singleplayer game and watch, but finally we played. He won most matches, but I did best on the game mode snow day, haha. At least I know where my strengths lie. We also played Moon Base Alpha before deciding to end for the night.

That’s all for today.

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