Dear Frankie

Hey sis n law, how are things in the spiritual world? things are getting a little better here at hell on earth lol . I know when your around, either aerosmiths crazy comes on the radio or the tv turns off and on. i wish i could ask you what really happened! was your death an accidental overdose or did your boyfriend at the time do something to you? the way he acted, never even calling a damn ambulance for you when you fell into convusions, started cutting himself on his arms, gregg told us, he said he was there and when you fell and started foaming at the mouth, the images in my mind haunt me sis n law. he got scared and ran from the house, said he assumed someone would call and ambulance and he knew the police would come too so he was scared and left, but he said he waited by the corner store and hour and when no ambulance had yet called he called 911 from the payphone. wow, payphones…i never rememeber how long its been, 19 years by best friend has been gone. damn i miss you frankie!! oh yeah! i found your kids!! they were all adopted by the foster family together, and as you know your baby girl went to be with you when she was ten. your boys are grown and you are a grand mother!! can you believe that shit ma? were grandmas!! lol i wanna know so many things frankie, are you at peace? do you visit my babies like you do me? our bri brat looks just like you!! shes 18 now, she knows you only thru our memories, but boy she would have loved you!! your brothers doing good. very sad about finding out your mother has passed after searching for her three years since he was released. i know shes with you now, but they buried her in a paupers mass grave and theres nothing we can do to get her ashes and hes so broken over that, he wants her next to her husband in the va cemetery. how is our son? i know he visits us on his birthday because i can feel him. i know he is taller than me and stands behind my left shoulder when hes here,give him huge hugs from mommy!! your oldest niece is getting married in july!! i hope you will come in spirit!! well, im tired now girl, im gonna close this now and ill write you more soon sis!! sweet dreams!!

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