I Guess That’s What People Do When They Fall In Love

She pulled the blanket over both of their heads, in secret little laughter and ten times the joy inside of them. Their bodies were posed in foetal positions like two little vulnerable babies.

They were facing against each other. Excitement.

“Shhhh, I feel like we are on a night train.” She said quietly with a smile.

“Yeah? Like a small space where we can be close together?” He responded. His eyes filled with naivety only to be found in a boy who refuses to grow up. 

“Exactly! We only have one ticket though, so we have to be on the same bed. Good thing is we’re only in the same cabin with two other passengers on the other side, and they are really, really old.”

“Fantastic! They are so old that they can’t hear us! And they are asleep!”

“Hush, we still have to talk quietly though. There are sharks outside.”

“Sharks? This train is underwater?”

“You bet! Why else do you think it’s all dark blue out there?”

“Wow, I thought this is only a night train. Where are we headed?”

“New York.”

“But there’s no water between Los Angeles and New York, only land. We’ll definitely come across some rocks at one point. Just wait.”

“You little fool. This train sets off at Santa Monica Pier, and goes straight into the Pacific. It goes around the Great Barrier Reef for, you know, environmental purposes. After it passes the Indian Ocean, it touches the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.”

“The Cape of Good Hope? I heard that’s dangerous. Are we gonna be okay?”

“Who knows. We’ll have to see. And after that, we will be going across the Atlantic.”

“And then we’ll be in Brooklyn.”

“Brooklyn. We’ll take the subway to Greenwich. There’s a three-story townhouse. And we can live there as long as we want.”

“Why all these trouble just to go to New York?”

After a bit of a silence, she said, “I don’t know. It just makes sense.”

Their eyes were open. They were not under influences of any outside chemicals. But they heard the sound of train going through sea water. There were sardines coming in the shape of hurricanes. In the mist of that fish storm, a blue whale emerged. It’s about the most beautiful thing they had ever saw. Except for maybe each other.

There was the sound of the ocean, and the voice of Hemingway coming from afar.

“My big fish must be somewhere.” said Hemingway, over and over again. Gradually, his voice got tense. Temperature became colder and colder as the train approached an abandoned ship and couple of old dinosaurs bones. 

“The sharks are coming.” She whispered. 

Both of them got quite. A shark swam around the train and stayed right outside of their window. They can feel its existence. They held each other tight without making a single sound. After a while, it swam away.

“I don’t ever want to wake up.” said him.

“You’re not even asleep.” She responded with a teasing tone.

“But I feel like seven.”




“Me too.”

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