Mommy’s Girl

Been so busy. All work no play. Getting ready to fix up my new home and get the nursery ready.  Guess what? It’s a girl 💗 Aaliyah Adrianna G. Pink everything.  Just found out  an hour ago. Excited. More real being able to see her, my princess 💓 

Mom getting so tired of working my ass off. It’s worth it. Once I have her I’ll be on maternity leave til January 19th and then back to struggling juggling school and Aaliyah I don’t have to work as of now. But I want to make sure I have enough money for a rainy day if something goes wrong. I don’t want to be like my mother on parenting her. Wilmington isn’t the best place to raise her but not the worst place either. And it’s not where we’ll be forever 


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