“Perfect. x”

So guess what little old me went and done today. I asked out the guy I’ve been crushing on!!!! HELLO NEW AND IMPROVED ME!

I won’t lie, I was brickin’ it – good wee Scottish term for you there. I knew I had to do it because I had been talking about it all week and everyone in my work knew I was planning it… well I didn’t want to disappoint now did I?

I texted him afterwards and he said that he would message me at the weekend to arrange plans. I said that sounds great, and he replied “Perfect. x”. I didn’t realise, but up until that moment I was still having trouble breathing, not really knowing what was happening. But for some reason, that one single word just put the biggest smile on my little face.

So today, I’m quoting my favourite sports brand (seems relevant) in the hopes that it will inspire you: “Just do it.”

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