Thursday June 1st

The superintendent visit is over. She only came to one of my classes, she was supposed to come to two. I’m sure we did everything wrong and will get yelled at. Ugh. That is so stupid. Whatever. Now that it’s over, I’m starting to feel my mood lift.

I started wearing my contact yesterday. It was fine all day yesterday. Today it is bothering me a little and my eye is red. I need to take it out earlier today. As soon as I get home. I just got so excited yesterday about the grout pens arriving, I didn’t want to stop and take it out. I cannot believe how great those things worked! Wow. Now I need to get a tube of almond caulk and level out the places where the grout is uneven. I also need a tube of white grout for the bathroom. I messed around with spackel yesterday filling the gaps, but I think it will dissolve when I get the floor wet. I need the walls in the whole place patched up and painted. I bought a painting on Overstock yesterday to put over the 2nd, nonworking visitor buzzer panel. The wall is a total mess just above it, too. It will be good to cover it up. 

This guy that I started talking to yesterday on OKC is really good looking. He is only 38, though. I don’t know what my problem is that I cannot find anyone my own age. I am shallow about looks, I guess, but I don’t do it on purpose! I don’t know how you help who you are and are not attracted to. I don’t know how you can look at someone you don’t even know and say, “wow! he’s really unattractive! maybe I should date him!” What the hell? When you have never met someone, how are you supposed to like them for their personality??? To me, the only way that could happen is if you worked with or were friends with someone and gradually became attracted to them. I don’t see how you could start from scratch and end up in that situation considering it would be a process of trial and error. Jesus. It would mean dud after dud, which is kind of what my dating life has been so far, anyway. 

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