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This is definitely going to be a challenge to write from my tablet.

I really should be sleeping as tomorrow I have a very busy day. The Lizard has agreed to let me come back, and I couldn’t be more greatful. It’s step one in my month long plan to leave Qdoba, without putting my finances in danger. I am more then a dead end job that takes advantage of me.


After my shift at The LizardLizard, I have to race to Qdoba to get my check and deposit it, before IOP at 3:30. After IOP, which is an hour long, I have to get back to Qdoba by 5:30 in rush hour traffic, which wouldn’t be a problem is it wasn’t a 45 minute drive from place to place without rush hour traffic. This leaves the dogs home all day, locked up. Thank God Ann has agreed to come over and let them out. Save in grace. Its going to be a long next few weeks, a lot of back and forth with both jobs and trying to not have the dogs locked up. In the long run, when I buy a house for the pups and i, it’ll all be worth it. 


I set out to write this entry about a specific topic, then began to ramble on. OH how my brain works. 

I’ve decided either way, I’m going to save that entry for another day, when I’m not attempting to type from my tablet. It is slightly awkward. I am not a tech savvy guy. 

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