And Then You Just Played All Day

You saw a red fire dragon who was a little fat. His eyes were round and his crawls were small. He was big and heavy and he walked funny. He could barely fly, but he made the most adorable fire balls. And you just played all day.

You saw a group of penguins cuddling together. They all looked at the same direction – directly at you. They all tilted their heads a little bit and they opened the circle. They invited you for some cuddling. You went in there, it was nice and warm, and it smelled like bird. And you just played all day.

You have a little goldfish in a small globe tank. One day he said to you, “GlubGlubGlub.” However in goldfish it meant “I can turn you smaller.” So he turned you into a tiny you, and you jumped into the tank. You were scared shitless because the outside world looked so distorted. You promised your goldfish that you’d put him in a rectangular tank so he feels better. But he didn’t remember who you were since he only had 7 seconds memory at  a time. He kept on forgetting and you had to tell him in goldfish again and again. And you just played all day.

You saw a really fluffy bear. He asked you for some help because his fur was getting all over the place. You and the bear went around the forest picking up his fur. And you just played all day.

You met a T-rex. He said he was the last dinosaur alive and he had been very tired jumping over cactus in Chrome all day long. Therefore he came out of there and asked if he can eat you for any chance because he was hungry. You said he may not eat you, but you could take him to McDonald’s cuz that’s all you can afford. He didn’t like the burgers as much but he enjoyed the milkshake. And you just played all day.

Now you are kind of screwed because you’ve been playing for five days straight.  You didn’t do any of your homework. Your teacher was kinda mad and he put you in detention on a Saturday. 

In the room there was a skinny boy with a messy hair. He had a big jar of milk with him. He looked kind of awkward.

“I’m not usually here.” he said with some hesitation.

So he speaks awkward too. 

“What put you in here?” he asked.

“Well, you see…”

And then you just played all day.

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