the alarm goes off and before I even stretch my hand to silence it she is on my mind. There she is dancing in the sand she is mine and she is stunning she is beautiful. I roll out of bed and as I get dressed she is there again I think of how she would take care of me if she were here and my chest aches at her absence. I miss her so much I don’t know how to really give it justice with my words I burn with longing for her. She is my driving force the fire deep within that I fight for I love her endlessly and I will never let go I hill walk to the end of the earth and back to see her again to be in her arms again. I am truly taken by her and she owns me completely and unequivocally. This is hard wired in to who I am I will wait for her till the end of time because no other could bring me the happiness I have when I am with her I hope she has a wonderful day. I know mine will be filled with thoughts of her. I will write more later till next time 

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