Day 2 – 30 Days of Remembrance

Friday was always shopping day for mom and dad.   Mom would get her hair done and dad would run man errands. In the summer, we would get to go with them.  What an exciting day for a farm kid. Shopping in the big city! 

When we were little we had to stay with either mom or dad. If we stayed with mom, we would hang out at the hair salon in the basement of the Medical and Dental building, then tag along to Kresge’s, Army & Navy, The Met and Simpson Sears. If we stayed with dad, we would drive around to hardware stores and farming places.  Sometimes it got pretty boring, but we were allowed to wait in the car and listen to the radio.  

Lunch would be a meet up at the Midtown Center, a very happening place in the 1970’s.  I remember Grandma Lee’s sandwiches; thick white bread, tons of meat slices, sprouts, lettuce….yummy!  When we were a little older, we were able to go across the street to the Mr. Sub and get a sub sandwich for lunch.  I always got the pizza sub.  It was my absolute favourite and still, to this day, is!  

I always loved shopping days “in the city” with my parents. Oh, and the whipped cream filled cream horns….those will always be in my memory and favorite food list! 

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