2. Cloudy, Wet, and Peaceful Morning

I woke up this morning, cooked breakfast, and made coffee for both my husband and I. As I walked in the bedroom to wake him up, I just stopped and gazed at him. He looked so peaceful and sound asleep, all I could do was just stand there and smile from happiness. I can tell you right now it feels so good waking up to the person you love everyday. It gives you that warm feeling. Knowing that this person is your everything to you, and you’re everything to them.

To be honest I never really saw myself being married at 21, especially to a Canadian. All I know is that I’m so glad God has blessed me with this man. He taught me what love is suppose to feel and be like. He taught me happiness, trust and loyalty, with also some humour. Ha-ha.

Just so you know, our past didn’t really have good memories. When we found each other, it’s like we found hope. Instead of dreading the next day, we were more impatient because we had that desire for each others company. So don’t lose hope for your life. Just be patient, and be happy. Don’t allow worry to steal your peace. Don’t’ let negativity stop you from reaching your goals. Remember, sometimes when things are falling apart, maybe they are falling into place. You have no idea what’s in store for you, because I sure didn’t.



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