Day 462 – School

Thursday, June 1st 2017

Today was full of silence, haha. I lost my voice, so I couldn’t really speak.

I started with English, where we worked on our independent study unit task. I’m behind quite a bit, so I plan on working on that tomorrow, since I have the day off.

In art I worked on the mural. I’m also behind in art, so gonna work on my research tomorrow.

At lunch I sat with my close friends.

In French, I learned it’s the last year my teacher is teaching at this school… I’m glad. Sorry, she’s nice, but I just don’t like her as a teacher. I didn’t want her next year, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Although, she was being evaluated by somebody, and she seemed to give on this totally different persona. But other than that, I had a nose bleed in the middle of the class, so that’s fun.

I finished with psychology and we discussed about the Summerhill school in New Zealand, where there’s no rules. We did a poll (I was the one verifying the letters to add to the realism of it) on which type of school we’d like to go to, one was the one we already have, the other technology based, the other you get paid to study and the last the no rules one. I picked the no rules one, but most picked the one we already have. I picked no rules since it was asked for ourselves personally, and I find myself mature enough to chose what to study when to study.

At home I watched YT, ate, played some Long Dark, then with an online friend of mine. We watched Your Name, which was really good and I recommend it. We also watched YouTube videos of Britain and America’s Got Talent.

That’s all for today.

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