Ever-fleeting smiles.

Why do we put our happiness in ever-fleeting beings? Through this we are let down time and again…..by people, their actions, and our egregious misconception of our own ability to adapt. Don’t stress, adapt. How easy is that? Simply overlook the disappointment life carries and instead seek solace in it. Watch your dreams be carried out by someone else, but adapt. How do I swallow that without drowning in my surprisingly dry soul I once guarded? It’s hard to guard something you leave open though, that is the fatal flaw to it all. Since then, the remains have simply decomposed. Soaking into the very same earth that soiled it in the first place. Talk about humanity. Always running from the very thing we are doomed to become regardless. We cause hurt in order to avoid it, yet in doing so, we are faced with it. And goddamn does it hurt to live a healthy life with an ill soul, now decaying in the environment that once gave it purpose. Ironic. It’s funny how things are taken away so quickly. Your heart doesn’t even catch up to your head until logically, you’ve moved on. At that point, you just begin to question how you can long for something so long gone. How is that fair? How is it fair that our dreams embody the very thing we cannot have? How is it fair that our nights are interrupted by subconscious sobs we cannot control? Why does she get to look into the eyes of what was once my happiness? I find myself driving away from this reality, only speeding up to leave behind what I thought was my future. I simply couldn’t hold on tight enough. If you don’t protect your fragile hands, they will be burned. Because that string you have wrapped around your finger will fall loose, and when it does, the friction released from its once strong knot will incinerate any hope you held. 

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