Wow…After 6 months and so much we’ve done and told each other. Today Kenny broke up with me by text. I guess he didn’t have the balls to say it to my face. I just thought that his reason for breaking up with me would be better then what he gave me, because he does the exact same thing. He said I keep secrets from him, well last time I checked you keep secrets from me too. Apparently, we are never together. How is that when everyone in class found out we went out because of the way we act when we are together??!! Key word: “together”. I just hate how this all happened. He says that I had other interests outside of him. Well yes I do/ You know why because I have friends and I have a life, and the dumb part about this is he said he felt left out of my life. How when we share the same group of friends?? So my heart is broken and I’m dying on the inside. So much for a fun awesome Friday night…..whatever I guess😭

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