I am

his forever.I miss him so much my stomach hurts .My heart feels like i am lost and empty inside.I want him all the time.I will wait for him until the end of the world until my heart stops beating and I will wait for him at the gates of heaven.I am his and his alone.I know deep down that no matter what we can make it and in a year no one or nothing can keep us apart again.I will be the woman he has always desired.The woman he has always prayed for.We can and will grow individually to become the power couple everyone envies.I miss him and love him with all of my heart mind body and soul.He is the breath that I breathe.He is my sunshine in the rain.He is the happiness that takes all my pain away.I look in his eyes and I know that I am loved and he is mine…Goodnight my love..I will see him on the beach.I will be the one in white

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