Like mother like daughter

I finally see the pattern with my own eyes and not my mothers. I know why she worries about the guys I bring in my life now. There all manipulative assholes (not all of them but the ones I choose interest in). Mom chose my dad and he turned out to be something we all didn’t expect. I now fear for the fact that it’ll be very difficult to break that pattern. I hope that I’ll break it just like my mother is trying to. One day I know I’ll be able to break it but it will take time. For now I think I need a break from guys like I said before. For fucks sake I’m a teenager and the one thing I need to do right now is live my life. 

2 thoughts on “Like mother like daughter”

  1. I can completely relate, hun. Difficult chain to break.

  2. I see dating as looking at the buffet table of possible partners and seeing what you do and do not like to consume. You consume with the eyes, mind and heart. Hopefully, they all work together. You can not make a salty food, non-salty. You can’t take the bitter out of a lemon. You either like it or you don’t and hope it doesn’t give you heartburn. Exposure to the different types of people are the only way to know what you don’t want. How else are you going to recognize those traits? Even ‘mistakes’ are lessons, I think they are the best lessons. I have had my share of them. I now know what I don’t want.

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