17 Simply and Sweet

Simple, and Sweet.


7 am work meeting.

it’s 2 am now….

Breakfast date with Ann afterwards.

Work from 1:30 til 11                                                                                             try to work out


Then work from 8 til 4 at Qdoba, and 5 til…when ever at the Lizard.


Today: Lizard 10 til 2, get check, cash check, IOP at 3:30, Qdoba 5:30 til 11. Went to Ann’s house for a little while to visit, and see her little kitty, Jack. He’s adorable.


She’s leaving town tomorrow, so I won’t see her until possibly Sunday night, or Monday afternoon.

Tonight she gave me back the promise ring. I put it on again, something about it makes me feel complete.


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