Hot ass day and fox kits again

So this morning I wrote a journal after my long wait of trying to get a picture of the baby foxes. I did so this morning, but of course it had to be when we were in a hurry to get to the city before it got too hot. It got to be 90 degrees outside and I was dying. I CANNOT STAND THE HEAT. I belong in fucking Alaska or even the Antarctic. I prefer the cold xD  And go figure the fucking air conditioning went out in the car, so I was really dying today. 
But I managed to get those kits in a video, but only two of them. I think there still is four and they aren’t as adventurous as the other two. I’ve been planning leaving a bucket of water for them so they don’t get heat exhaustion.   The mom still roams around our yard, so I’m not sure if it’s because of the rabbits or she is thinking about moving the babies back since it quieted down in our yard since now most of the scrap vehicles are gone and Nathan doesn’t plan on making any noise close to their den anymore. EEEEE I hope so.
So basically from 6am to 2pm I was in the city and it was 80 degrees by 11am.. so after we got home I passed the fuck out and woke up in time to get my butt to work. 
But here you go, baby foxes again<3 😀

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  1. For the cold, I feel you. I tolerate much more cold than heat. And the foxes are so cuuuuute <3

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