Somebody’s Birthday

Yep!  Jacob will turn 15 on June 6th and we’re celebrating his party today at 1:00.  All family.  He is SO excited!  I’m bringing balloons and utensils, plates, cups, etc.  and one indoor game and one outdoor game.  Also a CD called WOW 2017. It’s All the best Christian music from so far this year.  He loves his CD’s! 
I get so nervous before a party. Not to mention next week I have to go to a wedding and I have a sprained ankle.  I will be wearing a Sunday dress with black sketchers shoes.  Blah.  At least I’ll be there.  This young lady has been like one of my own over the years.  She is so sweet and kind to everyone.  When I was at the height of my anxiety and depression she got me to church for a special seminar and God healed me a LOT.  She is almost forty.  Waited for the right man; and she is so happy!  Oh—more news!  My mom’s cat Simba died in her arms about 3 weeks ago.  She wanted a new cat who would look like Simba.  Someone put one out by the side of the road with a bell on its collar.  We called the Animal Shelter to see if anyone reported her missing, but no one had.  She is officially my mom’s cat now.  She is so happy to have a companion again, because she lives alone (although I see her pretty much every day, she lives very close by.)  We named the kitty Tiffany Belle.  Isn’t that beautiful??  She’s very loving and sweet.

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