The Cholmondeley Ladies

The bottom left of this painting says these two ladies are from the Cholmondeley family “who were born the same day, married the same day and brought to bed the same day.” Even without the story, it looks weird enough to me; Newborns’ faces (probably during hours of painting, they cried so much that this result is just creative imagination), and everybody’s eyes, and ladies’ hair ( resembling Akbar Abdi’s head in The Tenants (1984), and their looks. They haven’t slept in days. I, though, take it they are “actually” beautiful because of their admirable fingers.
They can’t be identical twins for their different eye colors. And they might even share one husband (this part of the story got wiped out due to moral considerations) (wild guess).
Imagine in 10 years or so after the day it was painted, these two infants are playin’ in some big big yard with a bunch of aristo-teens while their moms are drinkin’ tea with a circle of women lost in heavy customs. Astonishment is balanced by the time, but you can see from their peeking they look for more of these stories. I would kill both of them in one night and write the same inscription (just a sentence longer) on their tombs, savin’ them from their miseries ( who would force a new mom to sit for a painting with such clothes? They practically ironed their milk centers!)
Personally, I heard and read lots of such crappy stories and I don’t give a damn about any of them. But the painting itself…. that’s the creepy crap. Right?

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