Hearing Negative Spirit Voices


June 4, 2017

1:41 am

   I’m just up late tonight, it has nothing to do with these intrusive and harassing voices that I so often perceive. I’m about to turn in for the night in a moment. For the most part, the last few nights I’ve been able to get to sleep rather easily. These negative spirit attachments were trying to mess with my sleep (that I know), but with the help of some sleep-aid and just by the sheer fact that I was tired from an exhausting week at work, I fell asleep rather quickly and I did not have to endure being kept awake by the aggravating harassments of these negative spirits. I hope tonight that things go just as smoothly.

June 4, 2017

8:05 am

   Last night I was able to get to sleep quite easily with very little harassment from these negative voices or the disruptive physical sensations. I tried to rest for a bit yesterday afternoon and it was then that I was hit with disruptions from the usual voices and physical sensations. These harassing spirits are still using the tactic of speaking to me through my pillow. It’s quite a devious tactic. No matter which way I turn, there’s a voice right there essentially speaking directly into one of my ears. They have been employing this tactic for quite a few months now and they seem to be sticking with it, even though at this point I already am quite desensitized to it. But, they stick with it because it is harder for me to ignore outright.

   They do still seem to be putting a lot of focus on disrupting my sleep with voices and physical/bodily disturbances and sensations. I have not been bothered that much recently by these efforts of theirs, mainly because I’ve just been exhausted being so busy with work recently more than anything else. On most days, throughout the day while I’m working, I hardly notice the presence of these harassing negative spirits at all and if I do, it really has little to no effect on me or my job performance at this point.

  However, this was not always the case. Back in the first few months of my oppression situation, back in 2015, when I first began hearing these intrusive voices on a day to day basis after I had been experimenting with recording for EVP that winter, these harassing voices were causing me serious problems as far as trying to hold it together at my work goes. Back then, when the perception first opened, these voices had much greater strength than I experience them now…..much greater strength. Back then, the situation was truly terrifying for me because it completely caught me off guard and I had no idea what the hell was going on. In very real ways, it felt like I was being pulled out of my own reality and was now experiencing some mysterious and extremely powerful phenomenon that I did not understand.

   Because I was so greatly affected and in a very real sense “knocked on my ass” by the initial and powerful voices attack of these negative spirits, I did in fact lose some work time. But, it quickly reached a point where I decided that I simply had to try and go back to work as I saw it. I had bills and commitments that I had to tend to and I was trying desperately to hold on to as much of my life/my world as I could. Trying to hold it together while under extreme voices oppression proved to be very difficult at first. I found it extremely difficult to keep my focus, talk to a customer or even handle a simple phone call. I can remember voices getting right up to my ears and saying “this is really happening!”

  Back then, for a time I was also hearing at least one voice that had what I can only describe as a very deep base effect to it and whenever I heard this voice, it literally felt like I was being hit by a shockwave that literally seemed to make the very ground shake. I remember at least a few occasions from back then when I was sitting at my desk at work and I was experiencing this shockwave effect, so that it seemed like the entire building was being jolted. Fortunately, before too long, I began to take on a completely different mindset. I found myself starting to throw myself into my work more as a means of keeping myself more preoccupied and turning my focus away from the voices……it worked.

   These days, I can keep my focus on any task at hand and not be derailed by the presence of these intrusive voices in anyway. The voices themselves are also not nearly as strong now as they were during the first few months of my situation. There are still occasions when they are stronger than usual, but in general their strength now doesn’t even come anywhere close to how strong they were back in 2015. I have also never heard a voice that was so powerful that it seemed to make the very ground shake since 2015 as well.



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