Hearing Negative Spirit Voices


June 4, 2017

1:36 pm

   Today is my day off from work and so far I haven’t done much of anything and that is just fine by me. For many weeks, I’ve had side work to do or some work-related obligation that needed to be attended to that I could only find time for during my off time. Well, I’m sure that there are still some work-related matters that could use some attention, but today I’m simply not having it. I feel too fried from this year’s busy season and I’m simply demanding of myself that I just take it easy today and pretty much do nothing. I’ve been trying to catch up on some reading that I’ve been looking forward to mostly.

   I was awake pretty late last night, just watching some movies. I fell asleep quite easily and I do not recall being bothered all that much by the presence of these harassing spirits that as I say are “attached to my life.”  But, since I was up so late last night, I was still feeling a bit tired this morning. I tried to rest at around noon time and I almost fell asleep, but this is when these harassing negative spirits really made their presence known. I was harassed by the disruptive physical sensations as well as the harassing voices. I was feeling the sensation of something clinging to my back quite strongly. It was as if it had some measure of weight and I could feel it pressing down on me. I almost got to sleep, but didn’t quite get there because of these harassments and eventually I just gave up.

   I’m not as angered when this occurs anymore as much as I once was. It’s essentially just “the routine” for now. Becoming extremely aggravated would be what they what they want. They want their harassment to cause me anger and anxiety and I have experienced these emotions numerous times as a result of their harassments.  But, at some point, (I’m not sure when really) I just started seeing it as “the routine” and the instances where I became extremely aggravated after being harassed by these negative spirits while trying to rest has become less and less frequent. This is one way to counter these harassing negative spirits….learn to recognize their tactics and tricks and condition yourself to not be effected by them as much as possible. In this way, you can deprive them of the goal that they seek to achieve.

June 4, 2017

5:20 pm

   I just tried to rest again for the second time this afternoon. But, as soon as I did these negative spirit entities started up with the voices and the physical disturbances almost right away. I could feel the all too familiar vibration sensation moving around on my chest area quite intensely. The voices were speaking what I term “cosmic.” By this I mean that the voices have been talking about these things of grand and seemingly cosmic significance recently. I have been hearing them say things like “humanity is much older than you know” and I’ve been hearing them say “we surround your planet” and “we are from another dimension” and of course they are still going strong with “we are higher life forms.” They have been saying that one for several months now.

   In short, they have been cryptically talking about themselves, about their origins and about the Universe. I think that they are saying these kinds of things because they want to grab my attention and they want me to think considerably about the content of what they are saying. They are hoping that I will view it as “hey, here are these mysterious spirits telling me things about the Universe….are they telling the truth?”

   The issue from my perspective of course is that throughout my whole experience and dealings with these intrusive spirit entities that have essentially attached themselves to my life, they have a long and extensive history of deceiving me and attempting to play mind games in an effort to manipulate me. I’ve written quite a bit about this. Misleading me, telling me certain story-lines, then changing those story-lines and then changing them again has been a mind game that they have always played.

   In the very beginning of this situation, I was unfortunately allowing the content of what they were saying to have a significant and detrimental effect on me. Then I set a policy for myself that I simply disregard anything that I hear them say and never take it at face value. Everything that they say, I must take with a serious grain of salt and try not to let it have any effect upon me what so ever. I have found that adopting this mindset greatly weakened the assaults of these harassing entities and the impact that they were having on me. My goal of course, is to still to master completely ignoring what they say all together so that the instances of my even hearing it clearly become less and less frequent, and then hopefully not at all.

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