Hearing Negative Spirit Voices


June 5, 2017

9:18 pm

   I got home from work tonight around 7:30 pm. I felt exhausted and decided that I would just lie down for a little while. I did not want to go to sleep for the whole night yet as it was still fairly early, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. As soon as I got into bed, the disrupting physical sensations started right up. This evening, I could feel a small vibration sensation moving up my right arm and up to my shoulder area. Then I began to hear faint voices speaking into my ear. The voices were faint and their sentences were fragmented for the most part, so I couldn’t really make out much of what they were saying to me….plus there is the fact that I wasn’t really trying to. I fell asleep for about two hours and just awoke a few moments ago. It seems like when I want to fall asleep, I have the most trouble. When I’m not trying to fall asleep, but just rest for a bit, this is when I often fall asleep quite easily.

   When I awoke, it felt quite warm in my condo, then I remembered that I had not turned on the air conditioner when I first got home. I’ve got it going now and I can hear fragmented voices jumping out through the steady noise. This is still when I hear the voices the strongest, when they are coming in over a source of steady background noise. Today, while I was at work, it seemed like they were trying a little harder to get me to notice them, even when I wasn’t around any source of background noise. But, I was far too focused on my work to let them distract me in any significant way really. I can function at work just fine, voices or no voices. But, it does seem that they are still trying, always trying to get a hold of my attention and disrupt me when I have my focus on something else. They can be quite tenacious, I will say that.

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