What now?

I’ve come to the end of my story, but don’t want to quit writing. I could do some entries about random things in my life, but in general, I want a new story to tell. I thought, maybe about my mother’s illness and my parents’ complicated relationship towards the end. Or maybe about the Red Queen, who is being an absolute beast again and has caused Snow White to take a job offer far far away. I will miss her. Every day I am glad to be working for the White Queen, who is very demanding but also fair, competent and honest. Yet, three years ago I had considered the Red Queen to be among my best friends. One of the worst misjudgments in my entire life.

Well, I will think about it. See you around.

One thought on “What now?”

  1. By the way, I have set large parts of my story to private. I don’t want anyone I know stumbling upon all of it here. It has become too recognizable. If you want I can set it back to public every once in a while (or maybe there will be an “add certain members only” option one day), but I don’t want it lying around openly all the time.

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