“WHEN YOU’RE GONE (I Wish For Another Day With You)”

When you’re gone
I wish for another day with you
Impossible but it’s true
No one is ever ready for such news
When you’re gone
It’s a mass reproduction of memories
They all come flooding back to me
Of times when we used to be
The day I arrived as your baby
Safe in your arms, with your smile at me
A little girl with so much joy
Before your worries for every boy
When you’re gone
I wish for a rewind
Back to our happier times
Back when you were there and fine
I know I wish for the impossible
Knowing that we’re all mortals
Still, I’m struggling to accept this epilogue
Thinking of you now makes me choke
I still remember the last night we talked
Unaware your days had been numbered
Now you’re gone – and I had to set your spirit free
Bye bye, Daddy…
(From every daughter to their departed father)
(Jakarta, May 30, 2017 – 8:31 am)

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