Work Day for the Bugs

A spider and a beetle went to work. This was a mighty task for the city was huge. There was only one speed on the floor, it seemed fast was the only way to go. There might be a giant pedestrian nearby who would decide that they did not belong at the work place anymore. The spider sat next to the big computer. The giant was working, the spider had watched many times from the yellow folder on the desk. It wasn’t very big so it was not notice. It moved in closer to see what was so interesting. The giant saw the spider and said ‘hi’. It stopped. It looked around to see if anyone else was getting the greeting. The spider moved faster across the desk to the edge. It had an advantage, it could go down it’s web! The giant placed it on a pen. It tried to crawl up, but the giant shook it down and told it to calm down. The spider was placed on a filing cabinet. That was not where it intended to go, but it was a hell of a lot safer than the desk!

On the other side of the office, many moons away. The beetle decided to make a run for it. He was shiny and black, a new suit on from going out that night. He hated to leave the club, but it was late and he need to get some rest. He noticed the giant in the office. Perhaps she wouldn’t see him moving on. She stood up and watched him go across the floor. He was scared, was she going to squish him? He hoped not, he had just met a fancy beetle and wanted to see her again. He made it to the edge of the floor, behind the bookshelf was where the spiders lived. Not going there! He had to make it to under the copier machine if it killed him. He ran as fast as he could and made it safely under the machine. If a beetle could sign relief it would be him.

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