Another week

God I can never think of any good entry titles, my titles are so bloody boring!!😂

Anyway, the past week has been good. I think starting the week off right going to church is good for me, a positive start to the week. I had decent days at work, I’m trying my best to go in, do my job, and not get involved in the politics etc there. It worked this week! Then Friday I went to see a good friend of mine who is having a really rough time, it was so lovely to see her though and I know she really appreciated us going, she loved seeing mya and mya loved her two wee dogs 🐶 today I went to church, mya didn’t want to go today which is fine she stayed with her dad and had a nap instead! Then we chilled out outside, the rain came on so we watched the ‘tigger movie’ that was on tv today, ah was so cute. 

I made a nice pasta dish for tea for all of us and now I am in bed writing this, while mya is watching some random YouTube clip. I will read her her bedtime book at 7 and hopefully we can all have a relaxing night!

oh I read 2 books this weekend too.. sounds a lot but they are called quickreads , basically easy short reads by well known authors , they are great if u don’t have much time (like me) and they are only £1 to buy each. I read ‘a sea change’ by Veronica Henry and ‘a distant shore’ by Jenny colgan and I loved both! I absolutely love to read .

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