Day 4 – 30 Days of Remembrance

Sometimes in the summer, when I was young, we would set an alarm to wake up early and go outside to play.

I remember those mornings well; the wet grass, birds chirping, cool morning air. It was so peaceful. The world seemed full of promise and life felt good.

I’m not a morning person by any stretch of the meaning. I never feel the need to rise early to start my day. I know the sunrise is beautiful and there’s no wind and the sky is clear….but I’d rather be snuggled in my bed sleeping, letting others enjoy this time of day.

I got up early this morning, really early, 5:30am early.   Not sure why, just felt like I wanted to. I did enjoy the morning and its beauty.  It reminded me of that time when I was young, my parents in the barn while my sister and I played.  My feet could almost feel the morning dew on the grass.  It was a good memory. 🌅

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