The Truth

    *She never knows what to say.. always a nervous wreck. She wants to escape it all. Doesn’t where to go.*

  She knows what she wants, but she’s told she can’t have it until AFTER Highschool. That doesn’t work for her though. The 1 thing in this world that would make her truly happy besides her dog, is a baby. She’s FANTASTIC with kids of all ages. 

  All throughout her life (since 3 years old) she’s been showed and taught how to take care and raise children and babies. Everyone tells her its baby fever and every girl gets it at this age. Which she believed.. at first. 

  It’s became so much more now.. That’s all she thinks about, all she talks about, all she dreams about, and all she researches. She watches teen mother videos on YouTube. Looks up home schooling options just in case “something just happens.” She researches jobs and clothing. 

  It’s even gotten to the point where she’s wanting to go hook up with guys and hope for the best on the Pregnancy Test. Part of her knows it’s not a good idea yet. But the biggest part of her believes she’ll still get where she wants to go as a teen mother. And that it won’t be that difficult. 




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