Today has been a bad day.

A very shitty day indeed. 

You know those days when your insecurities come out and the bad parts won’t stop replying in your mind and you think about how much of a fuck up you are and you’re numb and you just want to run because oh my god what is happening something’s wrong I can’t breathe-

Yeah. One of those days. 

Its exhausting. Those days with your “demons” that shout everything you don’t want to hear at you until you are quite literally clutching your hands over your ears as you roll on a ball on your bed. 

Ive felt… numb. I’m crying, a lot, and I’m being too sensitive and I’m trying to be strong but nope. Not working for me. 

I thought making an entry would help because it usually does but it’s not. I can’t put it into words so there’s no escape. 

Help me. My mind is hell. 

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