So I’m leaving for cali in the morning. Excited to get the fuck out of here fa sho. Not really sure what to expect…… 

Well it turned out to be less than satisfaction to say the least. I went to hang out with a guy whom I’ve met a couple times to see if we would be compatible. My first night there after he picked me up from the airport I guess he felt entitled to some pussy. So that kind of offended me and I suppose my response offended him. The very next morning I’m rudely awaken and told he was taking me back to the airport. I was like wtf but ok. On the way to the air port he gets the bright idea he is going to dump me off on my crew leader I used to work with who I knew was in California but had no idea he was associated with the same person I went to see. The person I went to see apparently mentioned I was coming out there to my old crew leader who I used to be good friends with. More so actually. We had a fling I guess you call it at one point while we worked together but we both quit talking to each other outside of work about the same time. My reason was I was catching feelings and couldn’t stand the sight of this other bitch at work always being up his ass. I asked him why he quit talking to me outside of work and he fed the most bullshit line you could imagine. Anywho. Don’t suppose that was overly relevant to this story. Anywho. According to the person I came to see my crew leader had less than pleasant things to say about me when he found out I was coming out. I don’t really believe that. So we get to my crew leaders place and idk what was said. The person I came out to see said I was not welcome there and their exact words were get that meth head out of here. Which I just don’t believe. I think dude I came to see got jealous of the fact me and crew leader used to mess around and maybe even thought I was using him to buy me a ticket out there so I could see him. The crew leader. Idk. But it was made very clear by dude I came to see I was not welcome. So after being confined to a room for 2 or 3 days I booked a greyhound from California back to ga. It’s not so bad but it does suck. I would’ve just flew back but I didn’t want to ask dude for a ride to the airport that was 3 hours away. So here I am day 2 into my greyhound trip. Finally making progress but still won’t be back in ga for another couple days. And the weird thing is i got this other person on my mind and I just want to get back to ga and snuggle with him. I hate catching feelings. I wouldn’t say I’m quite there with this guy but he’s def been on my mind and I’ve def missed him since I left. So lesson learned is I will not travel cross country by myself broke. I currently have no money whatsoever for food. My dad is going to wire me some but its been impossible to find an accessible western union. All good though. Think I’m done for now. Haven’t really said much anyway. 

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