v is for viruses.

Thanks to everyone giving me kind advice on my last post!

It’s really silly that I get so upset over not being able to draw well. I can’t just expect to automatically be an art master without years of practice! And really, I draw because I’ve always loved to, not just because I want to be amazing at it. Sometimes I look at people who are really good at drawing and think “wow, they have so much talent”, when in reality they definitely had to practice their art for years before they got to this point. I think the same thing can be said for my handwriting, which I’ve improved on over years of hand-copying homework and school notes. I can’t just trivialize the hard work that artists have spent perfecting their skills.


Anyway. I think I should start being more productive instead of just dicking about on my phone all day. I’ve wanted to learn HTML for a while now. I know Java basics, but I don’t really like how Java isn’t all that “pretty”… You can’t really format your output as nicely as you can with HTML and CSS. I tried a brief HTML tutorial once when I was trying to create my own Tumblr theme (I didn’t succeed), and I was really surprised when I could make my “webpage” look super nice and clean. (I made it a pastel Sylveon-themed page just for fun.)

Today I clicked the play button of a video (on putlocker… which is rather infested) and a popup appeared. Normally when this happens, I can just quickly close it, but today the popup kept spawning new dialogue boxes, and caused a really eerie female voice to say something (which I can’t even remember anymore since I was panicking so badly). The popup started opening new versions of itself, and I couldn’t close them, so I just forced the laptop to shut down. Honestly, I am the stupidest person when it comes to computer safety or anything actually computer-related. My way of “”fixing”” my computer/phone is just “turn it off and then turn it back on again and hope it works, and if it doesn’t repeat the first step while slowly spiraling into despair and terror”. I should really start getting to know how to protect my laptop better / get to know commands and troubleshooting techniques. Currently, the only thing I can do is rattle out a question on Google and pray someone else has an explanation for how to fix the problem.

I’m terrified of malware or viruses sneaking onto my laptop and destroying things. Isn’t it cool how I’m not even remotely scared of government intelligence agencies monitoring my online presence but I’m S C A R E D as heck of viruses… I am paranoid that some vicious software is going to rip my identity, crash my computer, bring me into debt, falsely imprison me for a fraud that I didn’t commit, destroy my family, ruin my future, and render me homeless and destitute.


Here’s something totally random and oddly specific: I really hope I don’t ever seem arrogant or rude, ever.

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