I feel not here.

I feel washed away, like no one can hear me.

In my lifetime theres nothing I have done that stands out from all the rest.

havent saved a life

haven’t donated anything significant

haven’t helped build anything for someone who couldnt

haven’t made a difference

I feel as though that when I am recalled I’m recalled as the bitch, or the dumb one, or the girl, or the prude, or selfish, or another brick in the wall.

I’m afraid that I’m just going to keep blending into the background people will eventually forget I had even been there. theres nothing I have done that will make me stand out from the rest.

so why not fade back into the wallpaper?


One thought on “Bricks”

  1. I really do feel the same way.Existing but not living. Never good enough or good at anything. Its a horrible feeling, wanting to do something significant or to be someone to somebody.

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