Day 5 – 30 Days of Remembrance

Fresh cut grass!

I probably don’t even need to say anything more. Everyone has a memory or fresh cut grass. It’s one of the most popular “comfort smells” in the world. 

So it’s no surprise the smell would bring memories of my parents. Before we were old enough to cut the grass, dad would do it. Usually in the evening, after milking and supper.  The smell of the grass was so strong and so sweet.  

I have so many memories around the smell of fresh cut grass:  badminton over the hedge if the wind was calm, bicycle riding in the yard making patterns and routines, bouncing a ball against the side of the barn, mom watering flowers, watering trees around the house, playing hide and seek, orange ice cream floats, summer storms on the horizon, lightning in the distance. 

Tonight the scent is all around me as my grass is being cut. It floods me with memories. 

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