& then I fell in love ❤️


i never planned to like him… I never dreamed of even meeting him but some how it happened like it was meant to be and here we are today… I’ve been in this love game before and I miserable failed I thought it was safe to say it just wasn’t for me and I was fine with that but when he touched my soul with the comfort of his heart I knew this was love knocking again… I just didn’t know if I was ready for it.

I’m a sucker for love and I’ve always wanted that happily ever after I dreamt of what my house would look like and who my children would favour and it was almost like when I met him we connected on the grounds of we both dreamt and felt the same… so what do you call that … your soul mate?

He pleasures my mind with his kind gestures and his long lasting cuddles… he compliments my appearances and corrects the smudges of my make up… he plans for the future with a ” we & us ” in it he gives me security and manners without me even asking for it… he became my love in disguise and I never even realised… I looked at him as he held me tight and in that moment that very glazed moment it was then that I fell in love… ❤️

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