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  1. I have had a bad experience posting my thoughts online because I wasn’t careful enough with my privacy and a snooping member of my family found it and wasn’t pleased by what he read. So, I changed online journals and my username and password aren’t anything that I would normally choose. I also don’t post my picture. As far as my content….I put out there whatever I want. I don’t ever worry about responses.

  2. The community here is great! No need to worry about that.
    But if you have second thoughts out of fear you might be found by someone close to you, there are certain basics of anonymity: No pictures of yourself of friends, especially if they appear online somewhere else (reverse image search is really easy). If you are paranoid, use fake names for “characters” appearing in your journal, though real names don’t put you at risk of being found, only of being recognized by someone who knows you. Moreover, if you have registered here with a mail address bearing your name, be aware that it will be shown to people on whose journal you comment (there even used to be an IP, but O fixed this). Last but not least: if you let your friends know you are writing an online journal, they will be able to find you sooner or later.
    I hope I didn’t scare you away. Many years ago a fellow student found my journal and it was extremely uncomfortable. I have since become aware of all the traces I leave online and how to avoid or at least disguise them.

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