im so happy that im finished with college, ….well until the fall. 

my parents arrived in italy safe, and they’ve got a lot of touristy things to do. they’re boarding a cruise in san marino and traveling all over, im not really jealous because i never really liked going on cruises. im not afraid of the water, i just hated the idea of being confined in a big bath tub in the middle of the sea. 

ashton and i have plans to get dressed up and go out to a nice romantic dinner tonight. it might not happen because its currently 6:20 pm and he’s asleep in bed. <3 he’s dehydrated AF. its NOT because we’ve been going at it like rabbits that just got out of prison, actually we kind of regained out composure with that lol. that night was on fire but fueled by alcohol lol.  he’s actually feeling a little sick today, i think he might have a small cold from getting in the pool so late at night and swimming until 1am. when it was already very cold. ive been taking care of him 🙂 my poor babe, he’s been coughing a lot too. but i cant tell you how happy i am just laying in bed right next to him, and cuddling with him. 

yesterday we had a conversation in the pool, he said no matter what, he was going to figure it out so we could be together. 🙂 and to not worry about it because he’s not going anywhere, and we are not breaking up. i told him, if i have to, i will give up going to berkeley this year, and instead apply to ucla for next year. im pretty sure my parents will throw a fit, but they have to understand this is the man of my dreams, and my great love, i can feel it in my bones. he wasnt happy about that at all, and refuses to let me drop out of going to berkeley. but he cant give up ucla, he’s got a full scholarship. he cant afford to go to med school at berkeley or san francisco state. so if i have to sacrifice i will. but, enough talk about that. 

im going to continue letting him rest, and im going to go make him soup french soup my mom would make for me when i was sick. omg i love this man so much. 

goodnight journal people.

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