One thing that this hell hole of a school has taught me is that you can make yourself do just about anything in order to avoid summer school. Spending the final week of the semstre studying for around 5 tests seems like a really big deal. But if you don’t sleep, spend every period (in which you aren’t even doing anything anymore so all of you just sit there sweating and scrolling through Instagram) trying to make efficient cheat sheets, try not to pay attention to what you’re wearing (the same black pair of leggings all the time and a black shirt that you wear every other day because you can’t find time for washing and ironing), you may successfully finish the semestre!

I’ve been listening to MIGOS non stop, my face has gotten bigger (hopefully that’s swelling from crying and not sleeping, and not the result of eating nothing but chocolate for the past 3 weeks) my bedroom floor is full of tape and printing paper, every piece of space in my room is filled either with clothes or books. In the past 3 days I’ve slept approximately 15 hours. Just one more week. Just one more. . .

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