At least we’ve done it right.

So after all the severely mental suffering in LDR that constantly shot me down up to more than a year, I’ve ended it right today. And that (rarely) decisive state of mind has been questioning me lately whether regretfulness or peace is the current feels. (?)

But these following things answer it all – I started to be happy, peaceful, and free. No more heartache. No more teary eyes. I’m now able to sing stupidly and dance along with the songs like others do. I started doing something productive; praying, doing meditation, reading, working, and most importantly, taking care of myself.  

These abilities I have now have pushed my inner self to shine through the exterior, so that i’m going to leave all the hurtful memories behind pertaining to the cause itself and the people who are related. 

Now that the scars are fading away, and fortunately, they all have poked me to regain the positivity and kindness back again.

Being kind is never, ever wrong. The problem is that we are too kind to wrong people. And I should not put myself in the position that gets me trapped over and over again. 

I’m back to life. The life that lets me start anew. The life that would never hurt me again. The life that was improved by a precious lesson. 

and I’m thankful for that. 


: )        

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