The Joy of My Small Group… Preparing for Kenya!

So yesterday I met with my small group. I came home and cried. Why, because they are living proof of God’s plan for me. This girl right here, the New Yorker who had no desire to be connected relationally, had no clue that circles are truly better than rows. 

 Nearly 4 months ago, I walked into Group Link at North Point Church not knowing what to expect. To be honest, I didn’t want to go…perhaps it was the fear of meeting new people; perhaps the social awkwardness,  I tried to talk myself out of it but the Holy Spirit said “GO”.  God brought me there. He brought me those ladies.  He brought me to community; each of us different but united by our love of the Lord. Perfect in his creation we are. They are amazing.

It was my plan to do our lesson as always but instead they wanted to talk about my trip to Kenya and so we did; the ups the downs, the highs and the lows: the faith, the humility, the transparency; all of the things I have felt throughout this journey.   When I did the application over 6 months ago, I didn’t anticipate all of what was in front of me but God had a plan and it included these ladies. Never have I felt what it was to be loved unconditionally… now I know it from my Heavenly Father and I also know it from these ladies… my friends! 

They offered to help with my little girl Mary who I sponsored in Kenya, how awesome and then how they can help with Janessa while I’m away. Full of emotion; what love and support!  I cannot thank God enough for THEM. I am so grateful. We even talked about doing a mission trip together next year which would be super awesome. 

I came home,  prayed… and continued to gather what has now become a pile of clothes and stuff. Today I will pack. Anxious, nervous and a little overwhelmed but I’m ready; ready for God to use me and ready to see whatever he has in store for me. A little over 48 hours… can’t believe it. 

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  1. Wow! That was so. beautifully written. I am awed by your sensitivity and your gigantic heart! You have been chosen for your many roles for all the right reasons. We will all be thinking of you and praying for you and know that you will touch the hearts of many! We will miss you!

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