Lost My Virginity

Well this is a great starter-post, I suppose. 

Well, Dear Diary, 
I’ve seem to have lost my virginity. And believe me, I’m not complaining at all! 

A little backstory, because I like backstories. 

I’m 22 years old, woman, ok looking and pretty… hard to flirt with. 
I’ve never had a boyfriend (until now) and I’ve never been close to having sex, no matter how much I wanted it, no one seemed good enough for me. 

I don’t believe that virginity is some sacred thing and you should either wait until after marriage or do it with someone you love and will possibly spend the rest of your life with. But if that’s how others see it, then fine, all to each own. 

I didn’t care whether it would happen on a drunk night out, or with someone I really truly loved. 

I was worried about it though. I’m educated enough to know that the hymen is a myth and so on, but I’m also not someone who expected it to be painless, because boy, am I a person who worries a lot! 

Well, I slept over at my boyfriend’s house, his parents were upstairs, and we knew very well what would happen. We’d talked about it a lot, and he knew that I was a virgin, and how worried I was that it wouldn’t work or that I would be bad. But when it happened, it was all very beautiful. Sure, there was a little pain in the beginning, and since it hurt, we decided to switch from the missionary to me riding him, which was way easier because that way I controlled the whole thing – how fast he got in me, the pace, and so on, but it was great. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to cum, because he was so nervous, poor thing. I assured him that it was fine, and I told him we could try later. We also decided to use a condom even though I’m on the pill. I can’t seem to take them on schedule, so I wanted to be extra safe, and so did he. 

It was a bit awkward…. my hair is pretty long so it got stuck everywhere, even on his dick, haha, which made it a pain to suck him off in the morning, but we had fun, we laughed when we did something awkward and we made sure that we were both ok with doing it. He asked me a lot of times actually, which was really sweet!  I can’t wait for us to get to practice more and get better at it!

While I understand that the first time is never really good, it can still be perfect.

Over and out! 

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  1. @kelanng haha yeah, the hair was pretty annoying, haha. I do like my hair long, but Imm gonna make sure to keep it put of the way next time!

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