My Life Memory and Experiences in the Province by Dr. Julito Tigley.


And the reptile unknowingly was eating leaves. A shot rang out, and later we saw the reptile just slide down, plunged toward the edge of the river, died. “ you hit it! You hit it!. Yeah, it was really big. So, it was really a heavy one. “Okay, let us bring it to Ben’s house”.
Not far from the area was the house of Ben the tailor of the village. He said, ” I have not tried eating a reptile, let’s tried”. He said with amusement. Everybody have no experience but everyone was eager to find out.” They said that it taste like a chicken. “ what a big catch, okay, I’ll be the one to cooked it”. He then skinned and sliced and placed it in pot with water. Later, he put some spice and coconut milk. After a couple of hours. It was ready for eating. I was there, and we eat. It was really very delicious, like chicken, but when it was already consumed, we found the fingers, and it looked like it is distasteful and nauseating. But just never care, and we tried to act like a man, brave to eat all those tthings We go home after a number of bunches of woods. When we arrived home it was already night time. We just sleep.

sports and hobbies

I don’t know, if you believe that sport is essential for the continuous breath of life. It was that reason, that due to fitness and health, the Olympic game was organized. They found

out that most of the strong men came from the arena where sweating is a process to extend lifetime span.

Although we lived in the province, but most of the people there, are all inclined to different sports. There were volleyball, bamboo woven or rubber, Basketball in a clay court, and Baseball or indoor , mostly closer to the giant mango tree, where the “tabo sa barangay” was held. I was not a part of the tournament, because I was still young, and what was organized was for the adult. So, we ,the young, were just spectators. But every Sunday, in the afternoon, our age had a so called beating with money, playing volleyball in Nang Julies tuba store. Although most of the time I lost, but still because of the game, we just continued playing. My playing partner was Junior Aguilar or sometimes his brother Rodrigo. But if we can not have games, we will have fruit hunting, and mostly, unripe mango, and we made it into some sort of a “lamaw” cocktail, and with sugar it was so delicious, and our barkada were already satisfied. I played cards with them too. But sometimes, I win but most of the time I lost.

I can not forget one instance in the village market place, it so happened that there was a banka, they called it “Pula sa puti”. I observed first and there were lots of beating. “Noy Pitong “ a relative was already beating and if he bet a little he won , but if he increased his bet he lost. So, he put 50 cents in “puti” and the “Bankero” told me. “ What about

you? , are you not beating. Just try”. So, I try to find out in my pocket, if I have money.
And I realized that I Have a broken 50 cents. “Okay, Ill try”. I put my 10 cents bet to the Pula side. And the bankero, throw the pingpong ball, as it fell down, it rolled so many times, then it sunk to the Pula side. The bankero told me, “ oh boy! You win”. I was so very happy, although, my uncle was almost crying in anger. But if Noy Pitong would not be betting, I will also lost. So,I realized that there is something unusual.. So, Noy Pitong

walked out quickly, after he realized that he had no money anymore. What I did, I stop also and went home bring a little gain, but I am so elated by that because that was my first time.

Although the family accepted that our father was a pathological gambler, but He is very much against that we, their children, would gamble also. When I was about to go up into my house, my dad was already shouting on me to go up quickly. Upstair he was waiting, and told me to lie down on the floor. In prone position, he whipped me for that gambling. I suspected that it was Noy Pitong who relayed the information to him. He was
our water caretaker.

But every Sunday was always a nice day for the village basketball players. And one of our siblings the eldest noy dolping, and the third, titoy, were all adult players, and Noy Baloy my mom’s brod, who had once played in the university as a varsity, was the one organizing the team. So most of the time he was there in the basketball court, teaching them the rudiments of the game. He was known in the south as the Bulldozer in our place, and anybody that will block on his way will be sides sweep by his strength and speed. Titoy,Who had the agility of speed and dribble, was mainly his point guard.


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