Stressing day

Since the guy I have been crushing on for a while now doesn’t seem to have a single interesst in me, I decided it’s best to just move on. Its not like I am extremly attached to him or anything, I could stop anytime. Just getting him out of my mind is another topic. 

Not long ago I decided its best just not to write anything more too him, because its not leading anywhere anyway. He and I aren’t close anyway so its not like anything will happen if i stop caring. But ofcourse, since it was a crush that I put too high expectations of (shouldnt have done that) it takes effort to just earase them from my mind. 

Our grade went out and had “architecture day” (sorry wrong spelling) today and then we all hung out in the city. My desperate ass went around looking all day for him. It was extremly stressing because I couldn’t focus on anything except for every single stranger around me. 

Because of this I ruind my whole day by focusing too much on everything happening around me. I could have had a good day out with friends, but i decided to ruin everything by letting myself get too into everything going on in complete strangers lives. 

But now at the end of the day, I don’t care anymore. It’s really not worth stressing so much over others. Today has just made me realize that stressing out over everything happening around me isnt going to help me go on with my own life. 

Time to go back to focusing on my own life, focus on myself. 


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