19. —-

Having the entire day off, I got a few things done, a lot of laundry laying around, blankets and what not. I began to clean up the bed room as well. I’m looking into a bedframe, and things for the bedroom. Try, making this house a home for myself, some sort of order. I finally got curtains for the living room, their an off black color, I really like them. I need to get another set because the one is just not long enough for the length of the windows. It’s a start in the home décor direction though. I only want to do small things, as I don’t plan to be in this house much longer, a year at most. So I want to slowly acquire the things I do want in my new home, small things, new furniture will be bought once the move happens. It’s a lot of planning as I want this move to be into a house I buy. They preparation is a lot, making sure I have the right credit score, down payment, area to live in, as I have to pitbulls, quite a few cities have bans on them here.  I have to make sure there’s land, for the dogs, the garden I want, and family space. Enough bedrooms to have kids, and a big enough kitchen I can teach them to cook in. It may take longer then a year, but if I at least aim for them, most of my ducks will be in a row.

Any who,

I made a trip out to see KC, to pick up my vest for the wedding. Tomorrow I am going to pick up my kilt, and pay off my fines. Which pretty much leaves, getting a dress shirt for the wedding, and calling the college my last to do list.

oh, other then the carpet cleaner.

yeah right, I need to clean my car as well, really bad.

Plenty of mornings this week to get the list all done. Let the productive week begin, right after I get some sleep.

                                                           finally, sleep.



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