Boken Ankle

I guess everybody has had a sprain or break before.  I am getting tired of the pain and the way it makes me walk.  I am worried about the upcoming wedding.  I want to look nice.  Now, for good news!  The cat came back and is staying at my mom’s house.  She is so pleased.  We have named her Tiffany Belle.  She’s very friendly and loves attention , except she does not like to be picked up.  She loves to have her face and chin rubbed.  Back to the wedding I bought some heeled shoes at Goodwill and I doubt I can wear them now.  Not much money wasted though.  I’m just lonesome–that’s why I’m writing–Ron is asleep again.  Can somebody leave me a comment?  It would sure cheer me up.  Oh, and I got a rejection on one of my stories today.  Sad.  I do NOT do rejection well.  I am disappointed.  Hope things are better for you.

One thought on “Boken Ankle”

  1. Tiffany Bella is a lovely name for a cat! <3 Don't worry about the shoes, there will be another special occasion for sure. Like, you can fly over here and pay me a visit. 😉 (The capital is not good for walking in high heels though, too many cobble stones.)

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