commas + conspiracies.

The other day I went back to my Commaful account. Commaful is basically this website that allows you to post very short poems or flash-fiction stories using pretty pictures or GIFs as the backgrounds for individual pages. It’s very pretty; it’s a nice and easy format to understand. It’s only for very short things, though.

I posted two things. Short things I wrote. They were part of one poem, but I split them in two. I’ve only gotten a few user likes, which is sad, but if even one person saw something I wrote and liked it, that’s still cool.

I would post stuff on Tumblr if I were brave enough. I don’t have anything short or complete enough to post, though.


I’m really into conspiracy theories. That Poppy freaks me out. I read this thing that said that she’s a slave controlled by the Illuminati, and I half-believe it already. She’s terrifying. The same website also stated that Katy Perry’s bizarre behavior is a result of Illuminati control, and it really does make sense. You know how sometimes some conspiracies are so wild and dark that they seem true?


In two months and a few weeks and I’ll be eighteen. I’m getting old. I think my birthday is after school starts, but I’m not sure. The last really important thing I’ll do as a seventeen-year-old is take the SAT one last time in a desperate effort to do really well.


Today I watched a YouTube clip of some politician saying straight-up that she doesn’t believe in a livable wage. What does that even mean? She said she believed in a “robust economy” and “lower taxes”, but how can you have a strong economy if you don’t pay people enough money to live on and if you keep lowering taxes for the already very wealthy? How can you have a strong economy when a huge part of the population is suffering and can’t even afford basic necessities? Honestly.

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