Day 467 – School, nose bleeds & coughing

Tuesday, June 6th 2017

Today was alright.

I kept coughing quite a bit as usual; still wont go away.

I started with French. I worked on my book questions and then went to psychology, where we talked about voting and politics. It got me more into politics and more into the mood to vote, since in a year I will be old enough to vote. I don’t want to abstain and I wanna make sure I get knowledgable about what is going on politically. It’s weird, cause yesterday if you asked me, I’d care less about politics, nor did they interest me, but now I’m starting to get old enough to start caring, and my teacher showed me that.

At lunch I sat with my close friends as usual.

In English we watched the movie based on The Crucible, and I found out that’s where the Town of Salem game comes from a bit (already aware it’s based of the game mafia mostly though). Apparently, I’ve just been told, it’s also based off real life events. I’m not American so I wouldn’t have known that haha. Also, my nose bled in the middle of class, again…

In art I continued working on my sketch for my exam.

At home I wrote quite a bit, ate, wrote some more then watched Supernatural.

PrettyInBlack and WindSailor, I’ll answer your emails eventually, promise.

Also, looks like I’m working this summer. Seemed that my employer did recieved my message, he just didn’t understand it? I’m pretty sure I spoke clearly, since I was with Kohai and she said I did, so no clue. Either way, he told my uncle to ask me when I can start.

I also had another nose bleed and I keep coughing, so gonna check that out.

That’s all for today.

3 thoughts on “Day 467 – School, nose bleeds & coughing”

  1. Hey, it’s alright, you’re still in school so take your time replying, I don’t mind =D

    Sometimes I forget that you’re not in America for some reason haha. The Crucible was great; we learned it in English and it was a lot better than The Scarlet Letter, which we read at the same time.

    Hope your cough gets better!

  2. Do get well, and if you need to go to the doctor. Hang in there!

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