Day 7 – 30 Days of Remembrance

I’m an avid bike rider. I love riding. It’s an easy ride for me to put in 20 or 30 km on a warm summer evening. I have an expensive bike, riding gloves, padded shorts, glasses, water bottle holder and a helmet (ok I don’t wear the helmet, but I do have one).

When I was young, and we were old enough, we would ride our bikes down the gravel roads to get to McLean Campground, where the main roads were paved. It was so exciting to ride on the paved roads.  We felt like “town kids” instead of farm kids. It was a long ride to the campground, but it was always worth it to ride those paved roads.  

Now I live in town and I’m a town kid, and when I get on my bike, I ride as quickly as I can to get to the country, out of town, off the paved roads, onto dirt trails, as far from town as I can. 

Today when I headed out, I hit a road that reminded me of the gravel road we took to get to the campground. It made me smile and remember those rides. 

I smile a lot when I’m out on the country roads.  I swallow a lot of bugs too. 😊

My heart is in the country, where my parents always wanted it to be. ❤️

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